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Marvy Double End Picker

Double End Picker
0.01 LBS
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The double ended Marvy® Jewel Picker is great for picking up objects. The large green tip is great for picking up larger objects while the red tip is great for smaller objects. It is a great tool for jewelry making, beading, scrapbooking, paper crafts, and nail art. It picks up beads, rhinestones, gems, glitters, confetti, punch outs and more. Use it with objects that are too little to pick up with your fingers. It is an alternative to tweezers/pincette for your crafting. 


  1. Marvy® Jewel Picker will lose adhesion by catching dusts and oils.
  2. To regain its adhesion, just roll the tip on adhesive tape. This will pick up any dust and oils on the tip.