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Confidence is Sexy

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A lot of people put too much stock in how a woman looks.  Are they skinny?  Is their hair perfect?  Do they have big boobs, a nice butt and bounce a few dozen quarters off of their back side?  Well, as one curvilicious lady to another, being "thin" has nothing to do with sexy.  

It's all in the attitude and Confidence is the MOST important weapon in our arsenal of "sexy".

The Down and Dirty
All of our Cling Mount Stamps are manufactured with high quality foam that we index so you can easily identify the stamp.  Essentially it means, it is super high quality and it even has the image labeled on the foam!  Oh ya, baby, does it get any better than that?  Umm, yep, it actually does!  Because the red rubber is of high quality and deeply etched so no wavering in these babies!
The gorgeous font you see in this lovely stamp for the word Confidence was designed by Miss Debi Sementelli.  Isn't it stunning? 
Stamp Size
1.5h x 3w