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Missing Person

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Patrick is always giving me a hard time about some of my snarky stamps and likes to go into the "legality" of dead bodies and how it is quite illegal to bury a body with your best friend.  (Some 9 year olds are just no fun!)  So I have gotten into the habit of telling him I will only get into trouble if they find the body.  He looks at me like I am going to get big time grounded and he is not impressed with my logic.  I just simply smile and pat him on his little head.  =)  I love that little guy!

Either way, he is quite a hoot and I love this little sentiment!

The Down and Dirty

All of our Cling Mount Stamps are manufactured with high quality foam that we index so you can easily identify the stamp.  Essentially it means, it is super high quality and it even has the image labeled on the foam!  Oh ya, baby, does it get any better than that?  Umm, yep, it actually does!  Because the red rubber is of high quality and deeply etched so no wavering in these babies!

Stamp Size
3 x 1.25