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You may be wondering to yourself WHAT IN THE WORLD?  Has Suzy finally lost all of her marbles?  Is she resorting to making up weird words just to confuddle our brains?  The answer would be a little bit of both!  Essentially, the Bomdiggityshizznit is 1000% more awesome than...awesome.  
Take it apart, use it in sections and tell someone they are more amazing than all of the stars in the universe!
You're the bomdiggity to my shizznit.
You are the total shizz!
Use it on your envelopes, for Valentine's Day, a special birthday or just confuddle the brains of your loved ones!  =)
Let's face it, YOU'RE the bomdiggityshizznit for even reading this little diatribe!
Stamp Size
2.5"w x .25"h