How To Use Our Stamps

Our stamps are red rubber on cling foam so should be used with an acrylic block or stamp platform.
Ink up stamps while on stamp platform or acrylic block and press onto paper.
Color stamped image as desired.

Stamp cleaners can be used to clean ink off stamps as long as you DO NOT spray it on the stamps. The cleaner will remove the stamped image on the foam side of the stamp. It is best to lightly spray the cleaner on a microfiber cloth and wipe off the stamp on the rubber side only making sure not to get on the foam side of the stamp.
We recommend a microfiber cloth so it doesn't leave behind fibers that can pick up ink when using your stamp next time and create unwanted lines in your stamp image.
If you use stamp cleaners to clean off your blocks or platforms, ALWAYS clean with soap and water or hand sanitizer before placing your rubber stamp back onto it. The stamp cleaners will leave a residue on them and will remove the stamped image off of your stamp and will leave the image on your block or platform.
You may clean your stamps with soap & water.